About Us

UKZEN is a diet supplement manufacturer in the UK developed through collaboration with world dietary institutions, using quality food material sourced in England, China and Korea. An organisation dedicated to the betterment of health using food supplement and emphasizing the value of nutrition and intuition. We have brought together tradition and culture using diet supplement to support number of daily needs. These products inspired with herbs, fruits, vegetable and edible flowers have for centuries been used to harmonise health and mind.

Before the advent of conventional healthcare, our creator has placed on earth nature to take care of our health and well being. Looking around you and you will see simplest things in life that we have taken for granted for instance to breath fresh air you must take in oxygen which we know comes from trees. Amazing compositions for enjoying the true sense of life allowing your body and mind to adapt to your daily routine and have the effective ingredients necessary to relief and diffuse at the end waking up full of energy.

Dietary supplement is intended to provide nutrients that may otherwise not be consumed in sufficient quantities. Supplements include vitamins, minerals, fiber and acids in an organic compound, a vital nutrient in limited amounts.

Our staff our lead by qualified scientist with all the food and herb handlers certified in health and hygiene. We are ISO 9001:2008 organisation with quality management systems meeting the good manufacturing practice. We adhere to the guidelines and policies required in the food and diet supplement sector.

Our chief scientist a pioneer in diet supplement Dr Frank X Sun, BSc, MSc, PhD (Natural Products) has many years of experience using the composition of food supplement to support quality of life. He has published number of article and research papers in this area.

Our senior consultant Dr Wang Peng is a food and herbal health treatment specialist. He has over 15 years of experience and is recognised around the world for his research and successful advice. He will be assisting our distributors at the Chinese Herbal Shops in the UK to direct and advise clients how to get the best results.